Final Stand

from by Forever Dawn



Final Stand

The enemy appears
All around us
calm inside for this is not our end

Hearing only
The voice that guides us
That softly speaks through the thick and thin

On this path
Our spirit leads us
We will always have the upper hand

Though the waves
Crash against us
They will break for we shall not bend

We've come this far
No chance to turn back now
Time to unleash with the all of your lives
The strength to push on against the force of the masses
Time to stand up in the truth and the light

Day by day
This force within us
Grows only stronger can't they comprehend

This Noble cause
We take upon us
It is our purpose that we shall defend

No matter how
That they besiege us
We walk the line unto the glorious end

The snares of life
Sometimes distract us
We reawaken only to ascend

Prepare to engage
The hours' upon us
victory will be our final result
Armed to the teeth and with a steady heart
No move amiss as we greet onslaught

Who else will keep
This flame alight
Who else will ever
Carry this torch on
Our destiny cannot be stopped
Casting aside all obstruction

As the world changes
Inch by inch
The beginnings of a brighter day emerges

One by one, the old system crumbles
One by one this paradigm dies
The new times will rise
The new times will rise, forever more.


from The Long Journey Home, released January 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Forever Dawn Orlando, Florida

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