Tales Of Our Tribe

from by Forever Dawn



Tales Of Our Tribe
When the time has gone dark
Reflecting through our lives
The Legacy’s been made, what has been left behind?

Wandering with the herd being led by the blind
Stand up and change your fate
These are The tales of our tribe

A story of fear running from the shadows
Or a story of comfort always swimming with the tide
Or a story of conquest over lesser foes which matter not
Or of a life lived to the fullest and the largest dreams realized

The Heroes of old
The men of renown
Fallen from the norm
Fallen forever more

This earth which has been pillaged, and devoided of its life
All for the gathering of trinkets our lust gone far and wide
Polluted all its elements of which we are intertwined
Nothing natural in these lands its purity has been denied

The waters give no life
The air not fit to breathe
The Fires refuse their heat
These are the tales of our Tribe

The enslavement of every creature human or otherwise
For purposes as nefarious as the mind can devise
The torture never ending for those we sacrifice
These are the tales of our tribe

Is this the end of which we have settled for
Is this the state in which we will leave it all behind
If only there was another way out
If only there was another chance at this life

In desolation we retreat
The abandonment we reap
Ashes form all around
Singing eternity's one sound

A radiant glow
The cloud we all know
Surrendered eternally
These are the tales of our tribe


from The Long Journey Home, released January 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Forever Dawn Orlando, Florida

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